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State Voluntary Health Associations
VHAI is a federation of 27 State Voluntary Health Associations (SVHAs). In a large and culturally diverse country like India, VHAI’s representation at state level enables us to have macro national perspective in addressing important health and development issues. Further, this state level network helps VHAI to respond to concerns at the micro level as well.
Important Functions of the CE’s Office in Strengthening State VHAs

VHAI ensures a constant communication with all the state partners with support towards strengthening them.
  • The CE’s Office facilitates the formation of newer State VHAs in collaboration with active NGOs in the concerned states.
  • The Unit ensures a constant communication with all the state partners and other leading NGOs all over the country.
  • It keeps updated records of the existing State VHAs, their Board, Constitution, Membership, Member Institutions, Programs and all other organizational matters.
  • We assist SVHAs to plan and manage their activities through joint programmes and provide trainings and technical inputs to become sustainable and extend their outreach to remote and neglected areas and also involve them in innovative programmes like Khoj projects and strengthening the Village Health Workers’ Network.
  • Visits to State VHAs - Personnel from the Unit frequently visit State VHAs for the purposes mentioned above and also for a subjective understanding of their area and scope of work, problems and prospects. The Unit also coordinates the visits of personnel from State VHAs to VHAI and other State VHAs.
VHAI continued supporting various State VHAs in the following aspects

  • Reviving not so active State VHAs.
  • Coverage to the activities of State VHAs through the organisation’s website as well as its bimonthly magazine ‘Health for the Millions.
  • Making the member organisations aware of important public health issues, like tobacco control, bird flu, swine flu, disaster management, etc.
  • Capacity building of the State VHAs in terms of training, campaigning, advocacy and human resources
  • Providing immediate financial/technical support during natural calamities.
  • Pursuing the proposals of state partners in the concerned ministry of the Government of India.
  • Developing and printing of publications.
State Voluntary Health Associations
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