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CSR Projects
VHAI partnered with PHILIPS-INDIA as a part of our endeavour to further our engagements with the corporate sector on CSR. The association was formalised after PHILIPS reviewed the work done by VHAI in the field of tobacco advocacy and strategy and after VHAI agreed to campaign the public health issue of sleep apnea which needs to gain visibility and awareness among the general public.

Campaign Objectives
  • to create an awareness amongst the public about sleep apnea and its health consequences
  • to increase visibility on the issue as a public health risk in Delhi/NCR
  • to highlight the importance of sleep apnea and build public opinion in the context of good health, by reaching out to all sections of the people, including health professionals and policy makers.
  • to emphasize the importance of sleep apnea as a serious lifestyle ailment like cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc.

Keeping in line with the objectives, VHAI suggested for PHILIPS India’s participation at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (29th November, 2015), as an effective platform to raise awareness on Sleep Apnea. The event hosted over 40,000 people and was a strategic platform that symbolized community spirit; promoted fitness and created a space for us to advocate health issues of national importance.

VHAI registered for the Marathon under the 6 km run category of the Great Delhi Run and strategically used the distance to advocate the issue. There were over 100 youngadvocates selected as ‘cheer leaders cum runners’ who acted as ‘agents of mass dissemination’. These cheer leaders were colour coordinated and shouted slogans and strongly worded messages on sleep apnea while they rallied in the marathon. VHAI designed flyers were distributed to the public which provided the people with the correct amount of information and symptoms.

VHAI through their extensive media network had contacted journalists in the national media in the capital. Invitations for the event was prepared and personally given to the chief reporters, bureau chiefs and reporters in the capital. Photo – journalists, Television channels and wire agencies were also targeted. A comprehensive press kit was developed for the journalists which included the press release, Philips brochure and fact sheets on sleep apnea.

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